Faxian born 337Edit
Faxian died 442Edit
Xuanzang born 602Edit
Xuanzang died 664Edit
Marco Polo born 1254-09-15Edit
Muhammad Ibn Battuta born 1304-02-25Edit
Marco Polo died 1324-01-09Edit
Muhammad Ibn Battuta died 1369Edit
Zheng He born 1371Edit
Hong Bao born 1412Edit
Hong Bao died 1433Edit
Zheng He died 1435Edit
Francisco de Almeida born 1450Edit
Christopher Columbus born 1451-10-31Edit
Afonso de Albuquerque born 1453Edit
Amerigo Vespucci born 1454-03-09Edit
Vasco da Gama born 1460Edit
Diogo Lopes de Sequeira born 1465Edit
Ludovico di Varthema born 1470Edit
Francisco Pizarro born 1474Edit
Ferdinand Magellan born 1480Edit
Hernán Cortés born 1485Edit
Christopher Columbus died 1506-05-20Edit
Diogo Lopes de Sequeira arrives in Malacca 1509-09-11Edit
Tun Mutahir died 1510Edit
Francisco de Almeida died 1510-03-01Edit
Capture of Malacca 1511-08-15Edit
Amerigo Vespucci died 1512-02-22Edit
Afonso de Albuquerque died 1515-12-16Edit
Ludovico di Varthema died 1517Edit
Francisco Serrão died 1521Edit
Ferdinand Magellan died 1521-04-27Edit
Vasco da Gama died 1524-12-24Edit
Luis de Almeida born 1525Edit
Mahmud Shah died 1528Edit
Diogo Lopes de Sequeira died 1530Edit
Sir Francis Drake born 1540Edit
Francisco Pizarro died 1541-06-26Edit
Hernán Cortés died 1547-12-02Edit
Henry Hudson born 1565Edit
Golden Hind launched 1577Edit
Francis Drake's expedition sets out 1577-11-15Edit
John Smith born 1580-01-06Edit
Golden Hind sails into Plymouth 1580-09-26Edit
Luis de Almeida died 1583Edit
Sir Francis Drake died 1596-01-28Edit
Hopewell Launched 1604Edit
Henry Hudson's 1607 Expedition Sets Sail 1607-05-01Edit
Henry Hudson's 1607 Expedition Returns 1607-09-15Edit
Halve Maen Launched 1608Edit
Henry Hudson's 1608 Expedition Sets Out 1608-04-22Edit
Henry Hudson's 1608 Expedition Returns 1608-08-26Edit
Henry Hudson's 1609 Expedition Sets Out from Amsterdam 1609-04-04Edit
Henry Hudson's 1609 Expedition Arrested in England 1609-11-07Edit
Henry Hudson's 1610 expedition sets sail 1610-04-17Edit
Henry Hudson disappears 1611Edit
Discovery returns to London 1611-10-20Edit
Halve Maen Destroyed 1618Edit
John Smith died 1631-06-21Edit
Golden Hind broken up 1650Edit
Founding of the Royal Society 1660-11-28Edit
Royal Society gains King's support 1662-07-15Edit
Captain James Cook born 1728-11-07Edit
Charles Willson Peale born 1741-04-15Edit
Sir Alexander Mackenzie born 1764Edit
William Clark born 1770-08-01Edit
Meriwether Lewis born 1774-08-18Edit
John Leyden born 1775-09-08Edit
Lady Hester Stanhope born 1776-03-12Edit
Captain James Cook died 1779-02-14Edit
Roderick Murchison born 1792-02-22Edit
Lewis and Clark Expedition begins 1804-05-14Edit
Lewis and Clark reach Pacific Ocean 1805-11-20Edit
Lewis and Clark Expedition ends 1806-09-23Edit
Charles Darwin born 1809-02-12Edit
Meriwether Lewis died 1809-10-11Edit
John Leyden died 1811-08-28Edit
David Livingstone born 1813-03-19Edit
Sir Alexander Mackenzie died 1820-03-12Edit
Richard Francis Burton born 1821-03-19Edit
Robert O'Hara Burke born 1821-05-06Edit
Samuel Baker born 1821-06-08Edit
Founding of the Société de géographie 1821-12-15Edit
Charles Willson Peale died 1827-02-22Edit
James Augustus Grant born 1827-04-11Edit
John Hanning Speke born 1827-05-04Edit
Colin Archer born 1832-07-22Edit
William John Wills born 1834-01-05Edit
William Clark died 1838-09-01Edit
Lady Hester Stanhope died 1839-06-23Edit
Henry Morton Stanley born 1841-01-28Edit
Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza born 1852-01-26Edit
Speke reaches Lake Victoria 1858-07-30Edit
Burke and Wills depart from Melbourne 1860-08-20Edit
Robert O'Hara Burke died 1861-06-28Edit
William John Wills died 1861-06-28Edit
Wills' notebooks recovered 1861-09-28Edit
Fridtjof Nansen born 1861-10-10Edit
John Hanning Speke died 1864-09-15Edit
Baron Adrien de Gerlache born 1866-08-02Edit
Nimrod Completed 1867-01Edit
Gertrude Bell born 1868-07-14Edit
Roderick Murchison died 1871-10-22Edit
Gjøa constructed 1872Edit
Roald Amundsen born 1872-07-16Edit
David Livingstone died 1873-05-01Edit
Sir Ernest Shackleton born 1874-02-15Edit
Harriet Chalmers Adams born 1875-10-22Edit
Charles Darwin died 1882-04-19Edit
Patria constructed 1884Edit
Umberto Nobile born 1885-01-21Edit
T. E. Lawrence born 1888-10-16Edit
Richard Francis Burton died 1890-10-20Edit
Contract signed to built the Fram 1891-06-09Edit
James Augustus Grant died 1892-02-11Edit
Launching of the Fram 1892-10-06Edit
Dame Freya Stark born 1893-01-31Edit
Nansen's Fram Expedition sets out 1893-06-24Edit
Samuel Baker died 1893-12-30Edit
Nansen reaches northernmost point of expedition 1895-04-07Edit
Adrien de Gerlache purchases Patria 1896Edit
Patria renamed Belgica 1896-07-04Edit
Fram returns from Nansen's expedition 1896-09-09Edit
Belgian Antarctic Expedition sets out 1897-08-16Edit
Belgian Antarctic Expedition crosses Antarctic Circle 1898-02-15Edit
Belgian Antarctic Expedition returns 1899-11-05Edit
Amundsen purchases Gjøa 1901-03-28Edit
Charles Lindbergh born 1902-02-04Edit
Gjøa leaves the Oslofjord 1903-06-16Edit
Evelyn Waugh born 1903-10-28Edit
Henry Morton Stanley died 1904-05-10Edit
Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza died 1905-09-14Edit
Gjøa reaches San Francisco, California 1906-10-19Edit
Nimrod sets sail 1907-08-11Edit
Shackleton and crew reach southernmost point of Nimrod expedition 1909-01-09Edit
Shackleton lands in New Zealand 1909-03-23Edit
Fram sets sail for Funchal 1910-08-09Edit
First expedition reaches South Pole 1911-12-14Edit
Fram reaches Hobart 1912-03-07Edit
Nimrod Destroyed 1919-01-31Edit
Colin Archer died 1921-02-08Edit
Sir Ernest Shackleton died 1922-01-05Edit
Gertrude Bell died 1926-07-12Edit
The Airship Italia sets off for the Arctic 1928-04-15Edit
Crash of Airship Italia 1928-05-25Edit
Latham 47.02 tasked to help with search 1928-06-06Edit
Latham 47.02 sets out 1928-06-18Edit
Roald Amundsen disappears 1928-06-18Edit
Port float of Latham 47.02 found 1928-08-31Edit
Gasoline tank of Latham 47.02 found 1928-10Edit
Fridtjof Nansen died 1930-05-13Edit
Neil Armstrong born 1930-08-05Edit
Baron Adrien de Gerlache died 1934-12-04Edit
T. E. Lawrence died 1935-05-19Edit
Harriet Chalmers Adams died 1937-07-17Edit
Evelyn Waugh died 1966-04-10Edit
First human walks on the moon 1969-07-21Edit
Charles Lindbergh died 1974-08-26Edit
Umberto Nobile died 1978-07-30Edit
Dame Freya Stark died 1993-05-09Edit
Neil Armstrong died 2012-08-25Edit