Diogo Lopes de Sequeira arrives in Malacca

Happened: 1509-09-11


During the reign of Manuel I, a fidalgo named Diogo Lopes de Sequeira was assigned to analyse the trade potentials in Madagascar and Malacca. He arrived at Malacca on 1 August 1509 carrying with him a letter from the King. His mission was to establish trade with Malacca. In another article it says, "he arrived at Malacca on 11 September 1509". Another says, "Unimpressed with Almeida's lack of results, in April 1508, King Manuel decided to dispatch a fleet directly to Malacca, composed of four ships under the command of Diogo Lopes de Sequeira, who was also tasked with charting Madagascar and gathering information on the Chinese. By April 1509 the fleet was in Cochin and the Viceroy, Dom Francisco de Almeida, incorporated another carrack in the fleet to strengthen it. The decision was not entirely innocent, as aboard traveled several supporters of Almeida's political rival, Afonso de Albuquerque. Among its crewmen was also Ferdinand Magellan. "The expedition arrived in Malacca in September 1509 and immediately De Sequeira sought to contact the Chinese merchants in the harbor, who then invited him aboard one of their trade junks and received him very well for dinner and arranged him a meeting with Sultan Mahmud."


NameDate of BirthDate of DeathShort Biography
Diogo Lopes de Sequeira 14651530a Portuguese fidalgo, sent to analyze the trade potential in Madagascar and Malacca