Gjøa reaches San Francisco, California

Happened: 1906-10-19


Gjøa left Gjoa Haven on August 13, 1905, and motored through the treacherous straits south of Victoria Island, and from there west into the Beaufort Sea. By October Gjøa was again iced-in, this time near Herschel Island in the Yukon. Amundsen left his men on board and spent much of the winter skiing 500 miles south to Eagle, Alaska to telegraph news of the expedition's success. He returned in March, but Gjøa remained icebound until July 11. Gjøa reached Nome on August 31, 1906. She sailed on to earthquake ravaged San Francisco, California, where the expedition was met with a hero's welcome on October 19.


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Gjøa (webpage from Wikipedia) A medium-length article about the Gjøa Link


NameBegin DateEnd DateStart Head CountEnd Head Count
Amundsen's Northwest Passage Expedition 1903 1906


North American Plate
San Francisco, California


Gjøa Sea-going Vessel

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathShort Biography
Roald Amundsen 18721928a Norwegian explorer of polar regions