Halve Maen


Halve Maen was a Dutch East India Company vlieboot (similar to a carrack) which sailed into what is now New York Harbor in September 1609. She was commissioned by the VOC Chamber of Amsterdam in the Dutch Republic to covertly find a western passage to China. The ship was captained by Henry Hudson, an Englishman in the service of the Dutch Republic.

In 1909, the Kingdom of the Netherlands presented the United States with a replica of Halve Maen in order to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Hudson's voyage; the replica was destroyed in a 1934 fire. Fifty years later, the New Netherland Museum commissioned a second replica.


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Halve Maen Launched 1608
Halve Maen Destroyed 1618


NameBegin DateEnd DateStart Head CountEnd Head Count
Henry Hudson's 1609 Voyage 1609 1609


North American Plate
Northwest Passage

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathShort Biography
Henry Hudson 1565an English sea explorer and navigator during the early 17th century, best known for his explorations of present-day Canada and parts of the northeastern United States.