Hudson’s first two voyages in search of a Northeast Passage were aboard the Hopewell. The Hopewell was a Muscovy Company ship and had already made several major voyages in the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea. The Hopewell was a bark, a small wooden sailing ship with three masts. She had square rigged sails as opposed to triangular ones, which were more common on sloops and ships operating in smaller bodies of water. For Hudson’s first voyage, the Hopewell carried a crew of twelve and on his second she carried fourteen. On both voyages the Hopewell had to contend with ice, freezing of her masts and sails, and the danger posed by sailing into the unknown. After Hudson’s second voyage, Hopewell vanishes in history and her fate remains unknown. Most likely, the Hopewell was sent to serve in other areas of the burgeoning British Empire.

According to another source:
The company selected the Hopewell, a three-year-old, square-rigged 80-ton ship with three masts, for Hudson to command. She had already made six major voyages: two through the Baltic, and four to Portugal. She was a 'bark' (barque - a small sailing ship with three masts) with two principal masts and a smaller foremast. Barques were generally used as small merchant and coastal vessels, ranging from fully lateen rigged to square rigged ships. These ships usually did not exceed 300 tons, and sometimes had oars to propel them through poor winds or into the eye of the wind.


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Henry Hudson's first voyage 1607: The Northern Passage (webpage) A very detailed account of Henry Hudson's 1607 voyage. Link


Hopewell Launched 1604
Henry Hudson's 1607 Expedition Sets Sail 1607-05-01
Henry Hudson's 1607 Expedition Returns 1607-09-15
Henry Hudson's 1608 Expedition Sets Out 1608-04-22
Henry Hudson's 1608 Expedition Returns 1608-08-26


NameBegin DateEnd DateStart Head CountEnd Head Count
Henry Hudson's 1607 Voyage 1607 1607 12
Henry Hudson's 1608 Voyage 1608 1608 15


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Henry Hudson 1565an English sea explorer and navigator during the early 17th century, best known for his explorations of present-day Canada and parts of the northeastern United States.