Latham 47.02


The Latham 47, or Latham R3B4 in Naval service was a French twin-engine flying boat designed and built by Société Latham & Cie for the French Navy. The aircraft achieved notoriety in 1928 when aircraft number 47.02 disappeared with the explorer Roald Amundsen on a rescue mission for the Italian explorer Umberto Nobile.


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Latham 47 (webpage from Wikipedia) A short article on the Latham 47-style planes Link


Latham 47.02 tasked to help with search 1928-06-06
Latham 47.02 sets out 1928-06-18
Port float of Latham 47.02 found 1928-08-31
Gasoline tank of Latham 47.02 found 1928-10